Is your marketing copywriting motivating your target market? Creative Branding experts are here to supercharge your content to drive engagement in all your marketing campaigns.

What is Copywriting?

Copywriting is the act of writing the text for ads, brochures, websites, and other forms of marketing material. Copywriting is present in all types of media – both print and digital. Copywriters work closely with graphic designers and art directors to create a unified message or emotional tone across various mediums.

What’s the Secret to Great Copywriting?

There’s no one silver bullet when it comes to great copywriting. The trade tricks vary widely depending on the medium, industry, and type of promotion (such as digital vs. print, television vs. radio). Still, there are several common elements of effective copywriting that apply across the board. 

Always remember, promotion is about persuading your audience to take action, and – therefore – persuasive copywriting is the most critical! You need an opening statement or hook that will grab people’s attention while also getting across the vital points of your advertisement. The best way to write this part of the copy is to start with benefits rather than features. Always present readers with reasons to buy your product instead of just stating statistics, facts, and technical information.

How Can Creative Branding Help?

Our marketing copywriters and editors create powerful content to captivate your audience:

  1. We study your specific tone to make sure any content we create for you adheres to your branding guidelines.
  2. The writers get to work creating high-quality persuasive copy for your project.
  3. Editors go over the document to ensure everything is grammatically correct and ready to go live! 

These fundamentals are the core of all copywriting services we offer. 

Editing & Proofreading

Have you already prepared documents but need a professional to review and edit your copy? Creative Branding editing and proofreading services are here for you. First, our editors will proofread all your produced materials to catch spelling or grammatical errors and ensure your content matches your brand tone. Then, depending on your project needs, we can provide notes, a thoroughly revised document ready for release – or both! 

Website Content

Is it time to add content to your website? Our copywriting specialists are ready to get started. We create high-impact content for your website, including blogs, help articles, cornerstone content, and more! Website content creation is a great way to expand your SEO presence by building pages with quality content about your chosen key phrases. Keep your clients coming back by establishing a content generation schedule with us today. 

User Experience Copywriting

Is your call-to-action getting the attention it deserves? User experience copywriting focuses on buttons, call-to-action, and compelling content strictly to increase conversions. We’ll review your existing call to action sections, providing new copy and layout options to increase conversions. These alternate layouts work great with A/B testing to determine the optimum funnel for your client base. 

Email Marketing Content

Do you maintain a mailing list to keep in contact with your customers? Then, let Creative Branding handle the content:

  1. We’ll work with you to determine a schedule for your mailing list.
  2. Our writers get to work generating content with your tone to convey the latest news and information for your clients’ needs.
  3. We supply the completed copy to you for review and approval to input into your mailer. 

If you’re looking for the full hands-off experience, pair our email marketing content with our digital marketing online newsletter service!

Story Boards & Scripts

Make your next video shoot a cut above with scriptwriting and storyboards from Creative Branding. Whether you’re shooting a film or just your next big advertisement, we have your back! Our writers are experts at creating unique content sure to resonate with your audience. 

Social Post Copy & Social Ads Copywriting 

It’s time to create a buzz on social media! We’re here to drive brand engagement through clever and informative social media posts and advertisements. First, we’ll determine a posting schedule that works with your marketing plans. Next, our copywriters will deliver timely updates for all your social media efforts. Optionally, take it a step further with social ads copywriting. Social ads leave little space to promote your product, so you must have concise writing that motivates customers. Our writing team works with companies of all sizes to leverage their social media presence to new heights.


Some of the best ways to promote your business include doing guest articles or posts to enthusiast websites or blogs within your industry. Unlike traditional advertising or blog posts, these articles are usually more informative and general to your product niche. Build trust with potential customers by unleashing the Creative Branding copywriting team. 


Press Releases

Let the world know about your latest and greatest news! Creative Branding writers will produce a high-quality press release ready for distribution to your chosen outlets.

Custom Projects

Do you see something missing from our list? We’re flexible! Reach out to us today about your copywriting project. We’re standing by to meet your needs and help you deliver something truly great for your audience. Let’s work together to build something phenomenal.