Is it time to level up your digital marketing presence? Do you need to reach your clients in innovative ways through online newsletters, websites, or social media? Creative Branding is standing by to help achieve your marketing goals by implementing proven strategies across your digital footprint.

What is Digital Marketing?

Digital marketing, or digital advertising, can be defined simply as using digital technologies to create better advertising campaigns. Digital marketing focuses on meeting customers where they are already spending their time – online. What makes digital marketing so valuable for both businesses and consumers is that it allows them to connect with others in ways they couldn’t before. Using digital channels like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest, blogs, online forums, and email allows businesses to target specific audiences with advertisements tailored to their needs. Instead of watching TV commercials (which only reach a certain percentage of the population), digital advertising lets you use digital channels to target more precisely.

What Makes Digital Marketing Stand Out?

Much like traditional or print marketing, great artwork alone is not enough to elevate your brand. It needs to be married to a highly optimized user experience (UX). These tenets ensure your clients can access information about your company or product in a fast and efficient way. A recent study by Microsoft found that the human attention span has dropped to eight seconds! With that number repeatedly dwindling over the last decade, it’s more important than ever to make an impact immediately on your audience.

How Can Creative Branding Help?

We understand what it takes to make your digital marketing successful. Creative Branding is proud to offer various services to help your brand or product reach your target audience better. Our developers and artists combine the latest technologies with high-quality visual assets to create an unparalleled experience for your clients. In addition, by pairing creative digital marketing campaigns alongside in-depth competitor and technical audits, we ensure your digital marketing is a cut above everyone else in your industry.

Competitor Audits & Market Research

Are you aware of the latest trends in your industry? Do you know what keywords and digital marketing tactics are working for your competition? The best way to be sure is through our competitor and market research audits. First, our team of online experts does a deep dive into your industry to find the market leaders at a national and local level. Then, with these competitors identified, our team audits your competitors’ website and social media presence. Competitor audits further highlight the strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities your brand brings to your market, alongside suggestions for improvement.

Website Optimization & Technical Audits

Is your website running as fast as it could? Are there pain points or issues with your technical setup that are preventing you from achieving your goals? Maybe it’s time for a technical audit from Creative Branding. We start with a meeting to gather details on your needs. Next, our developers will inspect your current website to identify areas of opportunity to enhance user experience. Finally, we review any social media or online services you’re currently using and suggest options to make connections to those services seamless. Upon completing the technical audit, our developers can implement the changes for you or guide your internal IT team.

Website Development

The website of your brand is the cornerstone of your digital marketing. Is it in need of a refresh? Creative Branding is ready to bring things up-to-date! By utilizing the latest standards and optimization techniques, our developers craft robust user experiences. The art team will provide refresh designs following your specific brand guidelines for approval and sign-off. All websites we create are fully responsive and adaptable to future standards. 

Online Newsletters

Are you looking to reach out to your clients via a mailing list? Creative Branding can make your co-respondence stand out. We’ve worked with clients to design eye-catching responsive emails to use in their campaigns through services like MailchimpSendinblue, and Constant Contact. We’ll work with your marketing team and review analytics on each mail out with you to highlight where we’ve been successful and how to improve further. Whether you need to update your current newsletter or need help getting started, our digital marketing team is here to help. 

Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Advertising

Does your digital marketing campaign need a shot in the arm? PPC may be the answer. We can determine what keywords will be most cost-effective to pursue. Whatever your budget, we can work with you to develop a PPC campaign that will get your website more attention. Furthermore, we’ll go over the results data of the campaign every month to determine what tweaks to make to ensure success.


You know it’s time to start selling your products online, but where do you start? Relax, we’re here for you! From small local businesses to international companies, Creative Branding has launched web stores of all sizes to get our client’s product to the digital marketplace. We’ll work with your brand to design an elegant and beautiful online store that’s easy to use for your customers. Are your products also available on your social media pages? Using APIs, our developers can ensure your products show up in more places – all managed from one central location. Using e-commerce analytic data, our marketing team will suggest campaigns to highlight high-demand products.

CMS Management & Backup

Are you looking for a team to manage and backup your website? Our CMS experts are here for you. We’ll work alongside your team to take care of the technical needs of your website. With Creative Branding managing the updates for your website, your team is free to focus on more important things, like content and sales! In addition, you can rest assured knowing your website is up-to-date with the latest security patches and weekly backups to ensure continuity of service should the unthinkable happen.

Social Media Marketing Campaigns

Let’s supercharge your social media together! Creative Branding can manage your social media campaigns to increase engagement with your customers. We can fine-tune your social media campaign to rake in the likes by leveraging analytic data and customer feedback. We’ll start by doing some market research to find out what’s popular in your niche. Next, we come up with a campaign schedule to drop the content to your customers. Upon approval of the campaign, we’ll supply either the related materials needed or even post the updates for you. 

Microsites & Sub-Brand Awareness

Are you trying to generate hype for your next event? Does your company manage several brands? Microsites are a great way to build awareness for your sub-brands. Creative Branding artists will meet with your marketing team to determine the look and feel of the site. Once you’ve approved a look, it’s off to our developers to turn your vision into a reality. Our microsite offerings are blazing fast and utilize the latest accessibility and technical standards. That means it will run fast and be available to as broad an audience as possible!

Custom Coding Solutions

Sometimes, no matter what you try, your website won’t do things out of the box. Usually, there’s a plugin or fix online to address the issue, but not always. That’s where the developers at Creative Branding come in. We have experts in PHP, JavaScript, ReactJS, Gatsby, Python, C++, and more! First, we’ll sit down with you to determine the specific needs of your project. Then, with these details in hand, our coders begin diligently crafting your custom project. We keep close contact with your team throughout any custom code project to keep you updated and review build progress.