Did you know? The number one result in any organic Google search receives 37% of user clicks. Furthermore, most users don’t scroll past the first six results! So as you can see, SEO is vital to rank as high as possible for maximum conversions. Creative Branding is here to offer you a robust SEO services package to achieve your keyword goals.

What is SEO?

Being in the top five search results has been a significant competitive advantage since the inception of search engines. SEO is an umbrella term for activities that can help you rank higher in search engine results pages (SERP). SEO includes both off-site and on-site SEO techniques.

Bringing traffic from relevant keywords to your website using SEO enables you to generate leads and sales. If your website ranks on page one, it drives a great deal of targeted traffic to your site. Therefore, considering SEO needs to be part of an overall internet marketing strategy when planning online campaigns.

What are Long-Tail Keywords?

A long-tail keyword is a keyword with three or more words in it. Some examples of long-tail keywords are “used 1997 honda civic” and “organic Canadian peanut butter.” Google prefers long-tail keywords because they are generally more specific. Therefore the searcher is looking for something particular. Long-tail keywords typically have less traffic than short-tail but a higher click-through rate.

What are Short-Tail Keywords?

Short-tail keywords usually have one to two words, such as “used car.” Sometimes referred to as head terms, these keywords are broad phrases everybody uses when searching, such as “movies” or “pizza.” Head terms can be incredibly competitive and costly to rank for on their own. However, with the help of their long-tail brothers, you can build authority with search engines to rank higher for short-tail keywords.

What Keyword Type Should I Target?

It’s always in the best interest of your company to include both short-tail and long-tail keywords in your SEO strategy. By ranking higher on terms like “BMW used radiator” “Cadillac used radiator” and “1997 Civic used radiator” we can also tie into the short-tail keyword “used radiator”! When Google sees your authority for these pages rise, it begins to convey power to your page for “used radiators” Because this short-tail is nested in our long-tail keyword, we can bring the authority on the short tail keyword up. 

What are Internal Links?

An internal link is simply any link on your website which points to another link within your site. By ensuring relevant internal links are present on all your pages, we can capture a user’s attention for longer, offering them information that may be of interest to them. In addition, internal links significantly affect SEO robots, allowing them to find your related content and establish relationships.

What are External Links?

External links are any links that point to your page from an outside source. External links are the cornerstone of building a backlink profile. Some of the best external links come from popular blogs in your industry. If your brand or product is available on other sites, ensure they include a link back to your main website!

Our SEO Services Process

At Creative Branding, we’ve been offering SEO services for over a decade. As a result, we know what it takes to bring your website to the front page of popular search engines. We have a seven-step process to ensure your keywords are working and driving traffic to your site.

Website Audit

We begin with an entire site audit to determine what optimizations we can complete internally. Optimizations may include fixing broken links, changing titles or meta descriptions, or even reworking content to reflect the keyword better. These days, performance is more important than ever when it comes to ranking high. If the audit flags any technical issues, our team will refactor the required changes to bring your performance in line with SEO recommendations.

Industry Analysis

With our internal audit fixes in place, we move into our industry analysis phase. Industry analysis provides a comprehensive view of the latest news, developments, buzz, and other notable events in your market. In addition, we identify trends for potential keyword harvesting and industry-unique opportunities.

Evaluation of Competitors SEO

At this stage, we dig deep into your competitors. We want to find out what they are doing right by seeing where their links are coming from and what content attracts the most traffic. When the evaluation is complete, we’re ready to create your SEO plan to help you overtake your competitors.

Targeted Keyword Research

We’ll then move on to our targeted keyword research. We begin with a deep dive into Google’s keyword planner and search queries data to find high-volume relevant keywords for your target audience. After we collect all the appropriate metrics using our SEO toolsets, we’ll be able to map keywords to your website’s content strategy accurately.

SEO Content Revision, Creation & Promotion

Is your website getting the attention it deserves? First, we create relevant content that will rank high on engines like Google for essential keyword phrases. Next, Creative Branding copywriters make sure your content is engaging and provides value to readers so they will share it. Finally, we publish relevant content on your site, hard-linking back to the cornerstone pages from the new content.


Getting inbound links is a crucial component of SEO that many businesses overlook when building their online presence. At Creative Branding, we know how to develop an effective link-building strategy and execute it flawlessly. We’ll work with you to identify vital influential sites and target them directly, building a bridge of opportunity for sharing your valuable content.

Monitoring & Reporting SEO Services

Creative Branding will continuously monitor our campaign and offer a monthly summary of progress. You’ll receive a PDF with all your relevant stats, and we will be available for a monthly meeting for feedback, questions, concerns, and suggestions from you and your team.