Print Marketing is an essential part of establishing and expanding your brand presence. We’ve worked with many companies over the years, and we have found that most organizations don’t expect to generate leads through their printed materials. They are usually put together by marketing teams as a standard job, not knowing what they want to achieve. When asked questions such as: “Are your sales teams going to be using these brochures?” or, “What will your prospects do when they meet them face-to-face?” – decisions are made without really thinking about how it’s going to work in reality.

Our process is different. Through a brand and product discovery audit on your promotion, our expert copywriters and designers will harness the spirit of your brand and convey your vision and mission through whatever visual materials you require for your project. So, with all that said, the only thing left to ask yourself is – what print materials are most relevant to my target market?

Creative Branding understands these vital elements and how to weave them together to effectively communicate to your target market. We begin any poster by reviewing the core objectives of your product, brand, or event. This discovery process involves feedback from your team as well as target-market end users. Our artists take detailed notes to determine a unifying message for your project. With these core points established, The design team begins to craft a pitch for your print marketing materials.

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Poster design is an essential element in the communication process of any given product, brand, or event. It should aim to excite its audience while effectively and efficiently relaying the necessary information. Posters are often present in our lives from a distance or while traveling, so it is vital that your poster conveys all the required information immediately and engages its audience from a first glance.

The artwork obviously forms the most important visual aspect of any given piece of visual communication, but great artwork alone will not attract attention; you must consider what the viewer will look at first and how they will connect with it. In addition, the image must convey a message through symbolism or metaphor (which requires imaginative thought) rather than being too literal to allow for interpretation by the consumer.

This is particularly true when designing posters for advertisements, as the consumer will have to interpret it quickly to convey the brand identity effectively. Therefore it must attract attention and be immediately understood and should be simple and memorable.

Advertising posters are expected to communicate specific information while being extremely eye-catching at a glance. A well-designed advertisement can even persuade viewers to make purchases or take action without consciously knowing why they did so (known as ‘low-level processing’).


Stickers are a great way to promote your brand, event or product. Are you planning your bands next (or first) big tour, or looking to spice up your company mail labels? Creative Branding designers offer

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