Preparing Tiered Link Campaigns

Laying out the groundwork is essential in preparing tiered link campaigns. We will take two weeks to slowly build up our tier 1 sites. This ensures a natural link velocity growth that won’t appear suspicious to Google.

In week three we begin to build our follow-up tiers. (Tiers 2 and 3.) These tiers can be populated more rapidly than our white hat tier 1 links. After these tiers have launched, we repeat the process with new tier 1 inks and their respective follow-ups until desired placement on the search engine results page is achieved.

Preparing Tiered Link Campaigns – Content Requirements

Preparing tiered link campaigns strategies requires some base content for our tier 1 sites. Once we have this content it’s imperative we use a spinning tool to generate and prep our follow up tiers.

Finally, we will need to use a scraping tool to scrape a list of targets.

Detailed Article Requirements

Each tier 1 site should have a minimum of the following articles and descriptions:

  • 3 x 500 word articles related to your main keyword
  • 1 x set of bookmark titles and descriptions
  • 1 x set of web directory titles and descriptions
  • 1 x set of related tags/keywords
  • 1 x video with title and desciption

How to Source Your Content

For your first set of tier 1 articles, I recommend you write them yourself. This is especially true if you are still learning the ropes of white hat SEO and preparing tiered link campaigns. That being said, there are always campaigns that will need more material, and after a while you may have exhausted all your thoughts on the product.

In situations like these you can make use of an article crafting service like SEOGenerals or 99CentArticles. Remember it is imperative you hand edit any content you outsource to ensure your tier 1 links remain great quality. The better the content in our tier 1 links, the better the content all the way down the chain.

Fiverr is an excellent place to source cheap but professional videos. Do not skip this step, as having a video in compliment to your written content is a huge boon to SEO and essential to preparing tiered link campaigns.

The titles and descriptions should be written by yourself. These are short and sweet so don’t worry about time loss.

How to Spin Content Properly

When preparing tiered link campaigns it is important we retain very high quality content for our tier 1 links. The higher quality of our tier 1 links the safer it is for our main site, also passing on higher page ranking link juice simply by being relevant content.

Every article should have fifteen alternative titles. for every sentence within the article write two alternative sentences. Finally, go over the entire document injecting your keywords where it makes sense. Make sure to take your time and think about this step, as there are often multitudes of different ways to say something.

Why Bother Spinning Content?

You might be asking if it’s worth your time to do all this manual spinning, or if sticking with the auto-generated content is good enough? Certainly, for tier 3 auto-generated content is just fine, however as our tiers increase so does our emphasis on relevant quality writing. The only way to ensure we can deliver this while preparing tiered link campaigns is through manual spinning.

The upside to this is a properly spun article can be used to generate up to five-hundred similar articles to be used in our lower tiers. We also don’t have to fear punishment from Google on our higher tiers if our content is spun properly.

What is a Target Site

Target sites are websites we want to upload our spun content to. We must ensure our target sites aren’t set to no-follow or de-indexed by Google for maximum return. Luckily, there are tools for this.

The Best Target Strategy

The best strategy for target links is a mixture of trusted sites and finding new places to put your content others may not have considered.

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